Live at the Bunker

Live at the Bunker (2006)

Wayne Gillespie & Nigel Gavin A$24.95

Extra special

Colin Hogg, Aukland Star

Gillespie's music haunts and hurts in the same manner as the late Nick Drake

Tom Mag, Wellington

A very good album

Russell Brown, Rip It Up

Tracks (All audio samples are approx 1mb in size)

01. Intro
02. Living In Exile
03. Five Stages (of Mourning)
04. Let’s Get Married
05. Chapel Street
06. Losing One
07. Camille Claudel
08. Gabriel Street
09. So Trendy
10. She Dances
11. Skin
12. Number Thirty-Seven
13. Methadone
14. Until Tonight
15. Swirling River


Wayne Gillespie: Ovation Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Nigel Gavin: 7 String Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & BV's

With Special Guests:

Caitlin Smith
Vocals on: Losing One, Number 37, Skin and Until Tonight

Tony Waine Bass on: Living in Exile, Gabriel Street, Until Tonight