New Locations

New Locations (1987)

Digitally Remastered 1993

WG1987 WSglass
Wayne Gillespie A$ Out of Stock

"It's the lyrics that provide the depth... and Gillespie's attratcive vocals.."

Juke, Melbourne

"His songs shine with a dark brilliance"

Colin Hogg, Aukland Star

"one of the most gifted singer/songwriters to emerge from N.Z."

RAM Mag, Sydney

Tracks (All audio samples are approx 1mb in size)

01. This Place
02. Hearts For (Download full track for free!)
03. Number 37
04. Wrong Way
05. Sweet Angel
06. Losing One
07. Ten Francs
08. Shadows
09. Your Heart (Leads You to that Fire)
10. Invercargill


Wayne Gillespie: Vocals

Denny Stanway: Vocals

Brian Holloway: Guitars

Ian Mason: Keyboards, Synthesisers and Fairlight

Greg Lyon: Basses

Geoff Bridgford: Drums

Marcia Howard: Backing Vocals

Rose Bygrave: Backing Vocals

Trevor Lucas: Backing Vocals

Phil Emmanuel: Guitar

Ralph Frankie: Saxophone

Greg Sheehan: Percussion

Photography: Kerry Brown

Produced By: Trevor Lucas

Engineered by: Tony Buettel at
The Music Farm (Jan-Feb 1986)