Push the Boat Out

Push the Boat Out (1997)

with lyric booklet

The Narcs A$24.95

"The album is a mature gem"

Taranaki Daily Times

"A world of music.. the atmospheric... the beautiful... the funky."

Wingarui Mid-Week

"This should be the record The Narcs are remembered for... 4 Stars

Waikato Times

Tracks (All audio samples are approx 1mb in size)

01. Moving Carpet
02. Back to the Deep
03. Gabriel Street
04. Hopeless Friends
05. River of Steel
06. Electric Fence (Download full track for free!)
07. Leap of Faith
08. Message to You
09. Scare Me
10. Carousel
11. Perfect Paradox
12. Moving Carpet...reprise


Andy Dickson: Vocals, Guitar & Bass

Tony Waine: Bass, Guitar & Vocals

Liam Ryan: Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals

Steve Clarkson: Drums & Percussion

Eva Forsaith: Vocals

Wayne Gillespie: Vocals & Guitar

Produced by: Wayne Gillespie

Engineered by: Zed Brooks

Recorded at: Zoo Studios, Hamilton 1996